Thailand’s leading manufacturer of cosmeceutical products.

For over 40 years of excellent experience in cosmeceutical products and the intensive concentration on research and continuous development, we have become Thailand’s leading manufacturer of cosmeceutical products.

Our Standard

Certified Standard

โทร โทร โทร อีเมล อีเมล


ODM: Original Design Manufacturing
Product designed and manufacturing controlled by COSMINA


We provide the comprehensive consulting services on product concept and market positioning to ensure the end-customer satisfaction.

Research and Development

Our research and development team develops the formula according to customer needs and conducts satisfaction testing to meet the product consumers.

Packaging and Design

We sourcing the quality of packaging and design standard with compatibility testing.

FDA Registration

We offer the product registration according to FDA regulations by professional for consult and facilitate our customers.

Produce and Inspect Quality of Product

We carry out product quality check according to GMP/ISO standards including retain samples for traceability.


Delivery service with standard transporting and tracking systems including domestics and exports.