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Anti-pollution Sunscreen

Detail : The lightweight sunscreen protects skin from UV light for 12 hours and oil-control. It can protect skin from PM 2.5 with Boerhavia diffusa root extract that reduces uneven skin tone and keeps skin hydrated.

Highlight :

  • Long lasting UV protection
  • Oil-control
  • Protective skin from PM2.5
  • Reduce skin dullness and increase skin hydration

Apply on your face 15 – 30 minutes before expose to UV light.

Active Ingredients

Anti Pollution Sunscreen 1

Methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol is very effective UV protectant that is 100% UVA protection and UVB filter.

Anti Pollution Sunscreen 2

Silica normally use as oil-control substance in skin care product. It can improve the performance of UV filer.

Anti Pollution Sunscreen 3

Hexacarboxymethyl dipeptide-2 is multifunctional peptide that effectively nourishing skin from environmental damage like sunlight and PM 2.5.

Anti Pollution Sunscreen 4

Boerhvia diffusa root extract acts as whitening agent by prevents the activity of tyrosinase that is enzyme producing melanin.

Anti Pollution Sunscreen 5

Carrageenan helps hold water onto skin and hair to improve skin hydration and acts as powerful antioxidant. It activates the collagen type I&III production.