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C21 - Skincare For Dermatologists

C21 Understands Differences in All Skin Categories

C21 skincare offers the latest hypoallergenic dermatologist products with high quality and medical level of ingredients that best addresses wide range of skin problems, specific needs and desires that match all skin types.
C21 has been accumulatively, clinically researched and developed by Dr.Thada Piamphongsant for the past 51 years by bringing updated innovation and technology of ingredients and processes into careful production of the effective skincare.  Different skin types and different skin allergies require specific attentions that need Dermatologist consultant.  C21 plays important roles in serving all those different requirements, especially those with hypersensitive skin.  Extensive skin research has been carried out specifically for Thais which skin is delicately fragile and also Asian and Caucasian skin since Dr.Thada Piamphongsant has conducted many dermatology lectures in many countries and written extensive research papers certified by American Board Dermatology.
C21 has a comprehensive range of facial and body skincare with gentle formulas that contain no perfume, therefore, less chance of skin irritations.  With skincare for pimples, clogged pores, wrinkles, sun protection, cleansing, bacteria reductions, and much more, none of which causes skin dryness, but rather provides lovely soft touch right after use.  For hair care, the use of high-quality ingredients brings about products that are suitable for sensitive scalps and can reduce scalp problems over time.
C21 has long been used in many dermatologist clinics and hospitals in Thailand to effectively treat patients with various skin concerns and gain well acceptance amongst various professional doctors.

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